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Catering To all Your Needs

G.S.T. and gratuities are not included with these prices.
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Build Your Own Sandwich $9
Assorted Hot Sandwich $9
Assorted Sandwich $8
Apollo, Ceaser, Greek Salad $4
Garden Salad $4
Soup $3

Traditional Lunches
feeds 6

Lasagna with Garlic Toast $49 
Seafood Lasagna with Garlic Toast $65 
Fettuccini with Garlic Toast $49 
Chicken Fettuccini with Garlic Toast $64 
Ratatouille with Garlic Toast $65
all above accompianed with 6 garlic toasts 

Gourmet Dinners

Chicken Breast with a mushroom wine sauce $23
Chicken Cordon Bleu with white wine sauce $23
Poached Salmon with dill sauce $24
BBQ Baby Back Ribs $24
Chicken Cacciatore $24
Carved Roast Beef $29

All the above comes with your choice of side - Mashed, Roasted, Baked, Stuffed, Rice Pilaff or Pasta
Your choice of two salads – Garden, Caeser, Greek, Marinated, Coleslaw or Chef
Also includes hot vegetables, dinner buns and pickles

More Dinner Ideas

Fettuccine with Prawns $24
Comes with your choice of salad and focaccia bread
Chicken or Pork Souvlaki (2pc) $18 
Comes with rice, greek salad and focaccia bread

Extras & Sweets

Fruit $4
Squares $2
Cookies $2
Cheesecake $6
Veggies & Dip $3
Fruit & Squares $5

Bottle Water $1.5
Bottle Pop $2
Bottle Juice $2